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The Every Miles A Memory/Bonish Photo website and their Galleries highlight the Journey of a lifetime. A young Couple hits the back roads of North America traveling with their two dogs and enough Camera gear to photograph their daily adventures in any situation.

Some of these photos have graced the pages of various magazines, newspapers and countless Forums, so you might recognize a few of them.

We've had images from our adventures printed in Backpacker Magazine, Canoe & Kayak Magazine, Overland Journal, The Cover of Horsemen's Roundup Magazine, American Motorcycle Association Magazine, The Milford Times, Sportfishing Magazine, The Gringo Gazettee in Baja, Inside Backcover of My Ford Magazine, Mother Earth News, The Cedar Key Beacon, Baggers Motorcycle Magazine, The Cover of Thunder Roads Motorcycle Magazine, The Smalltown Lowdown and we've had images of ours selected for a Baja Calendar and the annual Paddling.net Calendar along with numerous travel websites.

We do our best to try and show you what we've seen along our adventure, and hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed taking them. Feel free to use them as a reference for your own travel journeys, get ideas on what to expect when you do some traveling of your own, or just enjoy an area you may have yet visited yourself.

If you'd like to purchase any of these images, they can be printed in many different sizes and mounts and delivered right to your door. This is one of the only ways we earn money to keep our adventure going. If you like one of them, feel free to check out the prices and we're sure you'll be happy with the affordable costs of our artwork.

Thank you for viewing and come back soon, as they are always updated with new images and galleries as the adventure continues

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15 galleries with 1095 photos

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Underwater Photography

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Overland EXPO

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U.P. Overland

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Modeling with Bonish Photo

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National Parks & Monuments around North America

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Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming

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Cheyenne Frontier Days

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Rock Bottom Chuck Wagon Races - Arkansas

27 galleries with 2823 photos

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Music, Festivals and Events

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Cool Cars, Motorcycles & Trucks - Basically Anything That Rolls

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Our Camper, Truck & Motorcycle

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Flowers, Trees & Plant Life

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Ghost Towns

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Mine Exploration

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Cemeteries and Gravestones

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Missions of the Southwest

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Sailing the Virgin Islands

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Baja California, Mexico

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Misions of Baja California, Mexico

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